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A group of collaborators from the law firm Solís, Endara, Delgado & Guevara (SOLENDEG), received an explanation from the general director of the Public Registry of Panama, Fernando Alfaro, on the use and benefits offered by the Electronic Registration System Registral (SIR).

Alfaro explained the operation of the registry system of the institution, put into operation from October 2014, detailing the procedures to follow to carry out the registration of online registration information through the website.

He highlighted the incorporation of the Qualified Electronic Signature in the registration process, which guarantees the user greater legal security, avoiding fraudulent alterations of documents thanks to the traceability, which allows the user to verify the route of the process in a virtual way – and in real time -, since he is admitted to the entity.

The training was conducive for Julissa Ríos, of the National Technology Department, to explain the Virtual Ventanilla service, which allows the user to carry out payment transactions online using Visa or Master Card; And for Gean Valdés of the Liquidation Department, to address the use of the Registry Calculator and the different payments that merit each operation of the user, according to the amounts of registry rights that govern the entity, regulated through resolution 212 Of April 18, 2013.

The administrator of the Panama Canal Authority ( ACP ), Jorge Luis Quijano announced that the third set of locks will be opened on Sunday 26 June .

The inauguration will be invited 70 leaders of different countries, including the US President , Barack Obama.

In this regard , the President of the Republic , Juan Carlos Varela , said the chancellor and vice president of the Republic , Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado , will have the task of organizing the presence of these agents.

Source: Prensa

Aristides Chiriati, the leading US companies in the country said that Panama is attractive to US investors, asking for equal rules for everyone.

“The American businessman only asks businesses to do with ethics, nothing in secret for one, because it seeks to make long-term investments and that is what attracts more now Panama,” said Chiriatti.

Equal rules, legal stability and public security “that have” in Panama, compared to other countries, said Chiriatti, a Salvadoran Italian roots who emigrated to Panama in 2010 brought by the transnational Chevron from Miami.

“What was said that American companies did not invest in Panama is true but for a specific industry, refers to construction (…) felt that there was a fair process to bid level and so the construction industry is he refrained from coming for major projects, “he admitted.

“We do not want governments that are constantly changing laws and putting certain benefits to certain companies,” said the leader, who stressed that the current Panamanian government “goes in the right direction.”

“The pillar of logistics is the center of what it means to Panama,” he reiterated Chiriatti, who said that “only good things” you will go to the country once open to world trade expanded canal.

Source: Panamamerica.com

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