The distinguished jurist Galileo Solis founded the law firm of Solis, Endara, Delgado & Guevara more than five decades ago. Mr. Solis established the professional, ethical and social principles for which our law firm stands out to this day.

Through the outstanding contributions of our founder and mentor, Galileo Solis, as well as our partners, Solis, Endara, Delgado & Guevara has achieved a position of distinction in the legal, academic, political, and professional realms.

This firm had the honor of having the expertise and judgment of ex President Guillermo Endara. Is also important the professional contribution of Hernán Delgado, who served two terms as President of the National Bar Association and founded several professional organizations including the Movement of Professional Lawyers (MAG), National College of Journalists, and the Panamanian Federation of Professional Associations (FEDAP). Our former colleague, César Guevara, also earned great respect in the legal and professional fields. He served two terms as President of the National Bar Association and one term as President of the Movement of Professional Lawyers.

SOLIS, ENDARA, DELGADO & GUEVARA is a firm of tradition and prestige, striving to build upon the moral, ethical, and professional principles Galileo Solís set out at our founding.

Our lawyers are experts in Administrative, Banking, Commercial, Corporate, Criminal, Family, Labor, Maritime, Procedural, and Tax Law, and represent numerous domestic and international companies. Under the direction of experienced jurists, a new generation of associates aims to carry forward and strengthen our reputation for vitality and excellence.

Under the guidance and advice of prominent and experienced lawyers, our firm has projected towards future generations, both from the professional guild transfusion, injecting renewed energy and vitality in our personal and professional. The firm currently has a team of professionals who joins the tradition and experience of the years, the vigor of a new generation of experienced lawyers, young and talented.