Solendeg collaborators know the benefits of “SIR”

A group of collaborators from the law firm Solís, Endara, Delgado & Guevara (SOLENDEG), received an explanation from the general director of the Public Registry of Panama, Fernando Alfaro, on the use and benefits offered by the Electronic Registration System Registral (SIR). Alfaro explained the operation of the registry system of the institution, put into […]

It prepares a new procurement law in Panama

THE GOVERNMENT OF PANAMA HAS READY THE PROPOSED DRAFT REFORMS TO THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT LAW. A series of changes was made in the administration of Ricardo Martinelli and according to the proposal “facilitated the non-rational use of public funds, transgressions to the principle of transparency and due process.” Among the reforms it is proposed to […]

What Panamá and Colombia seek agreement amid tension

The governments of Panama and Colombia began negotiations to reach an agreement to exchange tax information amid tension over trade and customs disputes. Both governments have expressed the desire to reach an agreement, after Colombia decided to classify Panama as a tax haven. This measure was rejected by Panama, and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos […]