Panama will grow 5.9% this year, according to ECLAC

THE ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN (ECLAC) ESTIMATES THAT THE PANAMANIAN ECONOMY WILL GROW 5.9% IN 2015, EVEN IF THE AUTHORITIES ESTIMATE 6.0% After Panama, countries such as Bolivia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, with growth of 5%, followed by Paraguay (4.2%), Peru (4.2%) and Guatemala (4%). The non-financial public sector (NFPS) […]

What Panamá and Colombia seek agreement amid tension

The governments of Panama and Colombia began negotiations to reach an agreement to exchange tax information amid tension over trade and customs disputes. Both governments have expressed the desire to reach an agreement, after Colombia decided to classify Panama as a tax haven. This measure was rejected by Panama, and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos […]


Solis, Endara DELGADO AND GUEVARA (SOLENDEG) informs his distinguished clientele that has been duly authorized by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Panama to act as local custodian of bearer shares authorized, in compliance with laid down by Law 47 of August 6, 2013, Law 18 of April 23, 2015 and Agreement 307 of […]