Open a business in Panama is not difficult

Open a business in Panama is not difficult for the legal norms that are reformed in order to promote the development of the national economy. These rules have led to a simplification in the registration process and opening of shops , with a unique system of business registration procedures on-line quickly and safely. The law 33 of 25 July 2000, Article 11 states that registered microenterprises in the official record that keeps AMPYME payment will excenta income tax revenues generated during the first 2 fiscal years from registration . To enjoy this benefit the economic unit must generate gross income up to the amount of B / . 150,000.00 annually as noted AMPYME . The requirements to enroll in AMPYME are as follows.

  • Copy of Notice of Operation , Commercial or Business Registration License.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Legal Representative.
  • Copy of latest income statement certifying the annual turnover. If the company is new so no need.
  • Copy of Certificate of Public Registry.

In solendeg advise you on your record as micro to the AMPYME to enjoy its benefits and meets the requirements set forth by law