What should you know for child support for their children

The term “food” is not limited to edible matter but includes clothing, housing, education, medical care, medication, mobilization, and any needs you may have the beneficiary.
The issue of alimony in Panama is regulated by Law 42 of 2012, “General Law on Alimony”. This law regulates the right to food and the obligation to give them based on principles considered minimal.
It should be a relationship between income and the economic possibilities of what they are compelled to supply and the needs of those who require.
If it comes to minors, will support everything necessary to achieve integral development and if a disabled person, everything you need for therapeutic aids that you need.
To set alimony take into account the economic condition of the person who is required to give, income and expenses. The Competent Authority shall socioeconomic assessment to determine it.
The adult children are also entitled to the payment of maintenance should have completed their secondary education, to continue college or university up to 25 years, but can be removed earlier by completing their studies before age 25 years or marriage.
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