The intellectual property rights that you should know

Intellectual Property includes the rights granted by a set of laws or rules that allow for the protection of inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce and in general, of intellectual property that may shape the heritage of the people, by special rules tailored to the special nature that possess those intangible things. Are covered by Law 64 of 10 October 2012 on copyright.
The intellectual property rights may be granted to a natural person (the creator of the work) or a legal person (as the producer, the employer if the employment contract of where it was well established or commissioned works). In the copyright holder exists moral rights (author of the work) and the owner of the economic rights (who can commercially exploit), which are not necessarily the same person.
Lack of knowledge on intellectual property limits the good business development and the fight against unfair acts, know its important aspects will let you have a useful tool for your business.
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